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As a World leading Major Appliance & Air Conditioning Servicer, we are committed to providing you with the Most Professional and Cost Effective Service Solutions.....

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NEW D-I-Y SERVICE & Appliance Repair Consulting
Now offering a New Do-it-yourself Repair Service!

Save Hundreds on your appliance repairs!

ABA Appliance will help you do the repair on your appliance, yourself,
and save you hundreds of dollars by doing so!

If you need help with an appliance repair,
you can simply fill out the form below,
make the small one time payment of $49.95,
and we will assist you in doing the repair of your appliance
over the phone.
Your payment of $49.95 is good through the completion of the repair
and/or for a total of 30 days, on the same repair.

We will also facilitate the quick delivery of parts for you,
for the repair of your appliance, usually in 2-3 days,
right to your door!

To request D-I-Y Appliance Service, please fill out the form below
and we will contact you asap to schedule an appointment.

*D-I-Y Appliance Repair Requests will ONLY be taken through this form,
*no phone calls will be taken for D-I-Y Appliance Repair requests.

No requests from Realtors, Property Management Companies will be taken!
Repair requests by Service Technicians are also welcomed!
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We'll need some information about your appliance so we can come prepared to get it fixed. Please provide as much information as possible.

What kind of appliance is it?
Who is the manufacturer?
What problem are you having with it?

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ABA Appliance has over 30+ years experience in the Major Home Appliance Repair Field, and we are dedicated to Bringing Back & Preserving the Quality of Service the customer Deserves, unlike most servicers we are aware of these days. We are committed to bringing you an Prompt & On-time, Courteous, Proficient, and Affordable Service of your major brand appliances, not making you wait weeks for your first visit from our technician, and definitely not making you wait weeks for parts to be ordered to complete your repair, if parts orders are necessary, which in most cases they are not. Our Focus to Customer Satisfaction is a direct result of our dedication to the customer after years of seeing customers treated poorly by other service companies, including the Largest Manufacturers, who routinely make customers wait a week or two weeks just to have a technician come out to diagnose their appliance, and charge large service call rates, just to show up at your door without even touching your appliance. We don't charge you any service call fee, and only believe in you paying for what you called service for, the cost of the part(s), labor and tax. Our dedication is catching on, and we cover the entire San Diego County area.

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Email: Service@abaappliance.com

Free Service Call!
No Extra Fees
Factory Authorized Parts!
Repairs Guaranteed!!

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