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Appliance Repair Help | FAQs

At ABA Appliance, we understand that customer service doesn't begin and end with a service or parts sale. Diagnosing and fixing appliances can be involved at times, so we offer some tools to help make your appliance repair as successful as possible.

Appliance Repair Manuals
A good place to begin is with our online appliance repair manuals. These manuals cover washers, dryers, refrigerators (icemakers included), dishwashers, and ovens. They are not model specific but they do help a lot with appliance diagnosis and general appliance repair procedures. They go far beyond most appliance repair faqs available on the internet. To access the manuals, click here. These manuals were written by the Manufacturers. These appliance repair books are very easy to read and comprehend.

Appliance Repair Forum
Sometimes questions are very specific and no one-size-fits-all approach will work. Sometimes you just need to ask somebody! For this we host an appliance repair forum. Feel free to post your problem (or share a solution). This is a completely open forum so we can't guarantee that what you read there is always accurate, but most of the time responses are excellent. In fact, it is moderated by one of the most experienced appliance repair techs on the internet and he works diligently to answer most of the appliance repair questions posted. If your post is answered by him, you can just about take his words to the bank! This is not to say that no one else there gives good advice... they all do! Visit our appliance repair forum here.

Email & Phone Repair Help
We also offer specific repair advice via email or over the phone, at a cost $65.00/per appliance repair, which seems high, and the reason is because most repairs over the phone are laborious, due to the difficulty in explaining the repair so everyone with different knowledge understands everything that is explained. If your question is not new to us, we will not hesitate to immediately offer advice, and if it is new to us, we will find the answer. We also strive to help after you purchase a part from us. To get email or phone repair help - click here

Appliance Repair Parts
Once you've figured out what's causing the problem, you need to be sure that the part you order is for your specific model appliance. To help with this we built a database containing over 150,000 appliance model numbers. Each model number lists the parts used for it (and many of them are pictured). To find your part with your appliance model number, visit our appliance repair parts database here. If you can't find your model number listed, email us or call us at 1-800-611-4350 (8-5 Mon-Fri PST).

If there is something else we should be doing to help with your appliance repair please send us an email.
All suggestions are welcome and none are ignored.



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