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Request For... FREE Appliance Repair Service

As Precious would say(or rather, bark it out)...
it is Truly Precious to help others, and ask for nothing in return!
That is the foundation of True Americans
ABA Appliance!

ABA Appliance is dedicated to helping others! There are a lot of peope, retired, or otherwise that are struggling to meet ends, and when an appliance needs to be repaired, they are not financially prepared to handle the extra, unexpected cost. We have seen this for many years, where companies go in and refuse a person to repair their refrigerator, because the technician feels he must only make a profit, despite their desperate need also to have a working refrigerator. No More...we want to change this, and make sure all people who need repairs, despite being able to afford it or not, are helped out and given the same proper attention as those who can afford the repairs. As we all know, there are some who will try to abuse this, and get something for nothing, and we don't want to focus on them, as I can pick them out a mile away. Be Honest and straight forward, and we Promise to treat you with the dignity you deserve, just as anyone else who can afford to pay the repair cost, would be treated.
We here at ABA Appliance, appreciate and are honored to be able to help those most in need!
To request Free Appliance Service & Repair, please fill out the form below
and we will contact you asap to schedule an appointment,
provided our allotment of 10 customer's homes has not been satisfied for the current month.

We apologize ahead of time, and know that there is much more need than 10 homes a month,
but we are not able to extend ourselves further than that at this time.

We ask that you please understand our limitations and appreciate the offer for being Unheard of!

*FREE Appliance Repair Requests will ONLY be taken through this form,
*no phone calls will be taken for your Free Appliance Repair request.
No requests from Realtors, Property Management Companies or Landlords will be taken!
Please have Integrity and do not abuse the opportunity for those really in need of help!

You must be the homeowner and all will be verified.
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